Dr. Parviz Rashvand

Dr. Parviz Rashvand

ND (Can.), Ph.D (USA)
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Member of the Canadian Naturopathic Association
UAE Certified Naturopathic Practitioner
Quantum/ Integrative Medicine

Dr Parviz is a pioneer in Naturopathic Medicine in the UAE (2004). He is trained both in conventional and naturopathic medicine and has studied dentistry partially. He combines many different natural modalities to address the core cause of diseases. Dr. Parviz is extremely passionate about helping patients suffering from chronic health conditions. In Quantum Medicine, chronic diseases are defined as a wrong meaning when the mind gives repeatedly to an experience in life.

Dr Parviz, in cooperation with his colleagues in Europe, has helped many children with Autism (ASD) and he is well-known for his work in this field. Using the science of Quantum Mechanics instead of classical physics as the backbone of medicine, he understands more about the nature of diseases and he works on the totality of his clients including the emotions, mind and spirit in conjunction with the physical body. That means everything from habits and lifestyle to thoughts and beliefs.

Dr Parviz is utilising an FDA registered Quantum device which has been already registered through him with the old office of the Dubai Licensing department in 2004. What cannot be addressed by drugs, it can be assessed through the means of Quantum. This is the medicine of the 21st century.


  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Quantum Allergy Testing, very suitable for babies, children and adults. No pain, no hassle, no blood
    General Nutritional evaluation, vitamins, minerals, Nutritional Medicine and dietary recommendations
    Autism (ASD) and ADHD, leaning disabilities
  • Recurrent cold and flu, middle ear infection in children
  • Eczema and skin eruptions (esp in children)
  • Lack of vitality
  • Female problems
  • Infertility
  • Digestive problems, stomach pain, bloating, Helicobacter infection without antibiotics, ulcers, heart burn, general tummy pain, etc
  • Chronic and Degenerative diseases
  • Dry Needling technique for old muscle stiffness, old neck and shoulder pain, old back pain, muscular pain which cannot be relieved by physio and chiro
  • Scalp Acupuncture to help with paralysis of the limbs
  • Vitamin therapy

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